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Month: December 2014

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I recently sat down to discuss several new loans for Lake Arrowhead Real Estate with my “Go To” Lender Brian Harris with Key-Source Lending, we discussed a few new loans that I felt were worth writing about.

As you can see a 3% Conventional loan is a different type of loan than what we are used to when talking “Conventional Loans”. In the past when discussing a conventional loan, you automatically thought 20% down but as you can see below, you may want to consider it when purchasing your next home.

My favorite loan, that I was excited to hear about,  is called the “House Hunter” Loan which allows you to lock in a rate while looking for a home up to 30 days. See the types of loans below.


The 3% conventional loan is back.  It carries higher pricing over the 5% program on account of the additional risk to Fannie Mae + Freddie Mac.  At least one borrower must be a first-time home buyer (have not owned any properties in the past 3 years).  One unit principal residence.  No manufactured homes.

Please see the added House Hunter program below for borrowers who want to lock in a loan prior to acceptance of offer.

Also see added Combo loan for those who are just over the conforming loan limit but do not to have a Jumbo loan or are limited to 10.01% as down payment.

CalPath is a great loan for police, fire, teachers or anybody that is a current PERS or STRS member, working or retired.

Weekend interest rates.

Conventional conforming 30 year fixed 4.000% with .0% as lender credit for closing costs.

House Hunter conforming 30 year fixed 4.125% with .300% as lender credit for closing costs.  This program allows borrower to lock loan while looking for home for up to 30 days.  Call Brian for full details.

CALPATH Conventional conforming 30 year fixed 3.875% with .0% as lender credit for closing costs.  Also has a free lock float down option and reduced fees.

Conventional combo 1st & 2nd to 89.99%.  30 year fixed 4.125% with $0 as lender credit for closing costs.

FHA/ VA 30 year fixed  3.625% with .211% as lender credit for closing costs.

House Hunter FHA/VA 30 year fixed 3.750% with .723% as lender credit for closing costs.  This program allows borrower to lock loan while looking for home for up to 30 days.  Call Brian for full details.

CALPATH FHA 30 year fixed  3.500% with .360% as lender credit for closing costs.  Also has a free lock float down option and reduced fees.

USDA 30 year fixed 3.625% with 0% as lender credit for closing costs.

Jumbo 30 year fixed 4.375% with 0% cost.

To discuss more about which loan is right for you, contact Brian Harris with Key-Source Lending at 909-213-2744 or visit Brian’s web site at


The Generation Y tech-savvy carrying iPads, hipsters of super green urban living and averse to suburban living were Born between 1980 and the early 2000’s, Gen Y looks to be the next big purchaser of homes and one that the home building industry is eagerly anticipating. After all, they will quickly become the predominant generational group within the primary home buying age.


While the Gen Y will grow significantly over the next three years, their anticipated influence won’t come into play until 2020.

The home buying delay for this generation is a result of three things:

1.  Student loan debt.

With 40% of the 18-29 year old population with established credit but saddled with student loan debt, home ownership may be forced to be delay.

2.  The Great Recession.
The persistent downturn that began in 2008 hit just as Gen Y’s were coming of age, delaying the establishment of their careers, and leaving many graduates struggling on the front lines of high unemployment, with 9.7% of those 20-34 unemployed compared to 6.2% among older age groups.

3. A cultural shift.
For the above reasons along with other social influences, Gen Y is putting off major life choices like marriage, starting a family and home buying. Compared to previous generations fewer members of Gen Y are married, and starting their own households are in a more distant future. This notable shift is nearly 10% decrease in the marriage rate of 20-34-year olds in just a six year span.


Generation Y are often referred to as “echo boomers” because they are the children of parents born during the baby boom (the “baby boomers”). Because children born during this time period have had constant access to technology (computers, cell phones) in their youth, they have required many employers to update their hiring strategy in order to incorporate updated forms of technology. Also called millennial’s, echo boomers, internet generation, iGen, net generation.





Few people have been through as many economic ups and downs as the members of Generation X. Born between 1965 and 1980, many entered the workforce during the boom years of the Clinton administration but then along came 9/11 and a few other tragedies that effected our economy.



The Generation X grew up in emerging technology and political and institutional incompetence. Watergate, Three Mile Island, Bhopal, the Iranian hostage crisis, Iran-Contra and the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal mark the emergence of this generation. Mimeograph machines turned into high-speed copiers, faxes plodded from 30 minutes a page to seconds, and heavy adding machines were replaced with handheld calculators. Whereas computers were the size of whole buildings for the Traditional Generation and whole rooms for Baby Boomers, the computer now became a desktop appliance.

Generation X spent less time with their parents than previous generations of children had. First recognized as latchkey kids, this generation found themselves home alone and taking care of themselves and their siblings, while their parents worked. Divorce was common. They were not coddled for every emotional need and want. Generation X learned that their parents were human and fallible and often found themselves treating their parents like older friends. Autonomy and self-reliance, rather than respect for authority, was a natural byproduct of the Generation X childhood.

Generation X learned independence early in life and turned it into a valuable hallmark as they progressed in the working world. Just as they hit the workforce to make their own mark in the world, the economic decline at the end of the 1980’s. Suddenly the future looked congested. Competition for jobs was tight. The American dream had changed. For the first time in history, this generation was being told that they would not be able to replicate the lifestyles of their Baby Boomer cousins and parents. Ungraciously dubbed the “boomerang generation,” many Gen X were forced to move back in with parents while in their 20s.


Generation X, commonly abbreviated to Gen X, is the generation born after the Western Post–World War II baby boomers. Demographers, historians, and commentators use beginning birth dates ranging from the early 1960s to the early 1980s.




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What are the Millennial’s looking for in a real estate agent today? Responsiveness is #1, Knowledge is #2.

If a real estate agent does not have a smart phone or devise in today’s fast pace, fast changing market you will be left behind.

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