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There are 5 factors to take in consideration when determining the value of  your home.

1. Location: It is important to look for sales in the same neighborhood or it’s even better if you can find a home that sold on the same street as your home.

2. Date of Sale: Real estate can fluctuate from month to month or year to year. Look for homes that sold within the last 6 months or less.

3. Same Architecture: Look for the same architectural style, floor plan, number of bedrooms/bathrooms and close to the same floor plan or the age of the home.

4. Features and Upgrades: It is very important to look for homes that are in the same condition as your home. Upgrading kitchen & bathrooms, new windows, roof or flooring. If your home has many more upgrades, I may increase the price of your home.

5. Sale Type: Short Sales and Bank sales process are distressed properties. Never use distressed properties as a comp when determining your listing price.

There can be many other factors when selling a mountain home such as access, room additions that may or may not be on county records, VIEWS, condition of siding or decks due to the severe weather conditions. Contact us today at 909-260-8228 to schedule an appt. so we can evaluate your home at a fair market value.


You can View our past sales and Reviews to learn more about us and our home selling track record. If your home is price correctly, in our second home market, We will list your home and get it sold fast!

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